Friday, February 24, 2012

Foot Jewelry from the Lillian Rose

Lillian Rose is a nationally recognized manufacturer of Wedding & Baby accessories. The name Lillian Rose was developed for our Wedding Accessory Company based on the Victorian tradition of the "Language of Flowers", where each flower has a special meaning. The Lily is a symbol of the pure and lovely, the rose is the flower of love. Lillian Rose - a pure and lovely expression of love.

Foot Jewelry from the Lillian Rose

Our name "Lillian Rose" is the feeling and attitude we want to express in our products line and our business. It has become for us our corporate identity.

Foot Jewelry

This pair of foot jewelry from the Lillian Rose bridal jewelry collection is decorated with a mixture of seashells and beads. This jewelry is stretchable to fit most. Hypo-allergenic and nickel free.
Great fun at beach weddings and special events for bridesmaids and special guests alike.

Lillian Rose is proud of the type and quality of product which we manufacture. After dedicating 10 years exclusively to the development of wedding product, it was decided that the company wanted to expand into different markets.

In 2001 we added the Lillian Rose Baby Collection, a line of products to celebrate Babies. This collection consists largely of keepsake items for remembering the milestone events in the life of a baby.

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