Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - How to Choose Diamond Foot Jewelry?

Jewelry is not just the head, neck or arms, even for the feet and toes, there are all kinds of fashionable jewelry items and accessories, especially chic toe rings and anklets, for example, of silver and decorated with pearls or diamonds - How to Choose Diamond Foot Jewelry?

Not only hands, arms and neck, you can embellish with jewelry, but also his feet. Foot jewelry is usually worn by women and, like all other jewelry, there are sound him in many different shapes and colors. Particularly popular in terms of foot jewelry are rings for the toes and anklets. Toe rings are the typical rings that is worn on the fingers, similar and have the same round shape.

Diamond Foot Jewelry

In general, they are decorated in silver and often provided with a pretty motif. They are worn in most cases the big toe or second toe and rather less on the smaller toes. As foot jewelry anklets are also worn by the chains around. They are similar bracelets and are just like these also consist of several elements that are put together into a chain. This is almost always silver and narrow. In this way, the anklet will look subtly draw on their feet.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Foot Jewelry from the Lillian Rose

Lillian Rose is a nationally recognized manufacturer of Wedding & Baby accessories. The name Lillian Rose was developed for our Wedding Accessory Company based on the Victorian tradition of the "Language of Flowers", where each flower has a special meaning. The Lily is a symbol of the pure and lovely, the rose is the flower of love. Lillian Rose - a pure and lovely expression of love.

Foot Jewelry from the Lillian Rose

Our name "Lillian Rose" is the feeling and attitude we want to express in our products line and our business. It has become for us our corporate identity.

Foot Jewelry

This pair of foot jewelry from the Lillian Rose bridal jewelry collection is decorated with a mixture of seashells and beads. This jewelry is stretchable to fit most. Hypo-allergenic and nickel free.
Great fun at beach weddings and special events for bridesmaids and special guests alike.

Lillian Rose is proud of the type and quality of product which we manufacture. After dedicating 10 years exclusively to the development of wedding product, it was decided that the company wanted to expand into different markets.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Foot Jewelry - Beautiful Finishing Touches for Your Wedding in the Sand by

These exquisite barefoot sandals are strung on virtually invisible non-stretch jewelry cord so the riot of 150+ freshwater and Swarovski pearls per sandal appear to "float" on your foot. A small clasp attaches in the front. A beach bride favorite!

Foot Jewelry by

Materials: white Freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls in the color of your choice, white accents, your choice of gold-fill or sterling silver components.

Beautiful Finishing Touches for Your Wedding in the Sand

Good to know! The toe area of our Barefoot Sandals (and sometimes throughout the sandals) are all made with tiny pieces of glass called seed beads. We refer to these colored beads, available in gold, silver and white, as "accents". The metals (sterling silver or gold-fill) used in our non-stretch barefoot sandals and all of our other jewelry are referred to as "components".

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trendy Pieces of Foot Jewelry by

Sterling silver can be used to make all kinds of jewelry, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, or pendants. 925 Sterling silver jewelry is quite popular among most people. Its popularity can be the fact that sterling silver jewelry is as beautiful as any other precious metal and comes with an additional benefit of affordable prices.
Trendy Pieces of Foot Jewelry by Nowadays, anklets are trendy pieces of foot jewelry that just about any woman can wear. They can turn a dull look into a sexy one in an instant, or they can bring a touch of color where it is needed in an outfit.
Trendy Pieces of Foot Jewelry No matter what you may be thinking about using the anklets for, rest assured that there is something on the market that will work for you More and more people choose sterling silver jewelry for its delicate filigree work, dainty designs at affordable rates.

Silver jewelry is one of the most common types of jewelry that people purchase. From silver earrings and bracelets to silver rings, charms and pendants, silver jewelries are fine pieces to wear both for casual and special occasions.

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