Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chain by the Foot at

Beadworks began in 1983 when American jewelry designer Nancy Wall teamed up with the English company behind the Bead Shop in London, England. To the original concept of an open display bead store, she added her own sense of fashion and artisanship. The company has grown from its simply mail order beginnings to multiple stores and e-commerce website.

Chain by the Foot at

Wire Wrapped Gemstones and Pearls come in handy Chain by the Foot. The delicately wire wrapped chain takes the work out of creating masterpieces. Use it for necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry and accessories to create wire jewelry in an instant.

Chain by the Foot

Beadworks' products are selected by a team of experienced jewelry makers dedicated to providing the finest in materials to support and inspire the creation of both amateur and professional designers.

While classic and traditional designs form a core of our range, contemporary fashion is always the driving force in our search for new products. Beadworks buyers regularly travel to Europe and Asia to meet with producers and to obtain the best beads and other components at source.