Saturday, October 29, 2011

PinkGypsy.Com - Hand Crafted Foot Jewelry

Sometimes belly dancers go barefoot, and sometimes they wear barefoot sandals, which are not shoes at all, but they look pretty. From your ankle to your toes, these beaded soleless foot jewels / decorations are just plain fun to wear. They fit most any foot. They come in many different styles and colors and are adjustable for a perfect fit. Made to your color specs. Great styles for summer fun at the beach, or for your wedding in the sand at the ocean. Also available

PinkGypsy.Com - Hand Crafted Foot Jewelry

The perfect beach wedding accessory, gift for the bride or bridesmaid, or wedding night sandals. Every feminine foot needs a pair of jeweled thongs. Put a pair in your purse! When the shoes come off, these sexy bottomless shoes go on.

wedding night sandals

Your custom shoes arrive in a Precious Jewelry Box and Sweet Gift Bag. Wear foot jewelery instead of shoes or slip them on over flip flops, flats or open-toed heels. Stunning anklet jewelry from your ankles to toes. These delicate soleless shoes sell for hundreds of dollars in trendy beach stores.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011 - Crystal Anklets

A lot of people like to buy gold anklets that have different types of gems in it. Just like any other piece of jewelry, you can get your anklets with just about any stone you want put into them. If you are wondering how the pricing on these pieces of jewelry goes, it usually ends up costing about as much as a bracelet does. After all, they are usually about the same size.

Best Foot Jewelry in Gold or Silver

Gold anklets are fun pieces of jewelry for people to wear. Usually you see this kind of thing worn more during the spring and summer months when people are wearing shorts. When wearing pants, you usually can not see the ankles, and it would not make any sense. With the right kind of anklet you can draw more eyes to your legs. This is because the anklets are shinny, and this attracts the eye.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - Foot Jewelry Trends

"Our offices are located in Montreal Canada with shipping from our warehouse in Champlain N.Y. USA or from Montreal. We ship by UPS, Post or preferred carriers.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express by phone or through our secure order form.  We also accept cheques sent prior to shipping." - Trends Foot Jewelry

Now Nyoshoos have become the coolest look in foot jewelry since the toe ring. Worn barefoot or with open toe shoes, Nyoshoos are "The Official Shoe of Summer!"so wear them to the beach, pool, party, yoga, boat, picnic or BBQ.