Thursday, February 9, 2012

Foot Jewelry - Beautiful Finishing Touches for Your Wedding in the Sand by

These exquisite barefoot sandals are strung on virtually invisible non-stretch jewelry cord so the riot of 150+ freshwater and Swarovski pearls per sandal appear to "float" on your foot. A small clasp attaches in the front. A beach bride favorite!

Foot Jewelry by

Materials: white Freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls in the color of your choice, white accents, your choice of gold-fill or sterling silver components.

Beautiful Finishing Touches for Your Wedding in the Sand

Good to know! The toe area of our Barefoot Sandals (and sometimes throughout the sandals) are all made with tiny pieces of glass called seed beads. We refer to these colored beads, available in gold, silver and white, as "accents". The metals (sterling silver or gold-fill) used in our non-stretch barefoot sandals and all of our other jewelry are referred to as "components".

All barefoot sandals are sold in pairs, one for each foot. We have both stretchy and non-stretchy sandals. We try to keep our sandals stretchy as much as possible because they offer a more tailored fit. However, some materials require the use of stronger cord, so we use a non-stretch cord called Soft Flex. "Single" and "Double" Wrap reefers to the amount of times a sandal wraps around your ankle. Our Caribbean Sea sandals are single wrap, and our Cayman Isle sandals are double wrap, for example.

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