Sunday, January 8, 2012

Foot Jewelry from was incorporated in 2007 by Gabriel Hammani and Jamie Minea, both from St. Paul, Minnesota.

In their many travels, Gabriel and Jamie ended up in Kolcutta, India where they began dealing with local artisans who made beautiful handmade fabrics and handicrafts which were unlike anything else they had seen in the United States. Their world travels indicated a growing market demand for beautiful and fun foot jewelry for women of all ages.

Foot Jewelry from

While working with overseas artisans to manufacture this unique line of foot jewelry, they encountered the various handmade fashion scarves shown here on this website. They were hooked!

The excellent quality of fabrics and truly handmade nature of these articles make them absolutely unique, a treasure for anyone looking to purchase real quality fashion accessories. We are looking to wholesale these articles to approved retailers and look forward to many years of serving this fun and exciting marketplace!

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