Thursday, December 15, 2011

Swarovksi Pearl Foot Jewelry -

Crystals are formed by a very slow and controlled heat reduction process. Chemicals used during the process, as opposed to dies, dictate the color. Different chemicals absorb different wavelengths of visible light. The result? We see the opposite of this color. For example, if the chemical added absorbed blue, we would see an orange crystal.

Foot Jewelry -

Interestingly enough, manufacturing a clear crystal is much more difficult than adding color. There can be no impurities during the manufacturing process as even a small contamination could change the clarity of the crystal.

What is a Swarovksi Pearl and why are they so special? At the heart of each "pearl" lies a solid core of Swarovski crystal which is covered in layers of pearlescent. Swarovski's pearl coating is similiar to natural pearl luster. It is very consistent in color, and resistant to perspiration UV rays perfumes, scratches and washes. It warms to the skin similiar to real pearls. Swarovski beads for when you want the absolute best.

Rose Elliot is a homemaker and a mom that has found a niche in beading.

Using quality products with the test of time, patience and care she chooses the different designs that she thinks people would like. Her choice of beads, quality and the overall design has always been her biggest concern.

Swarovksi Pearl Foot Jewelry -

This care results in fine tasteful beadwork. She holds the copyright on the designs of the foot jewelry on her site. Be careful of imitators, her foot jewelry has stood the test of time and are proven in quality.

Rose was born in Massachusetts and currently lives about an hour north of Los Angeles, in California. She has two children and lives with her husband of 20 years.

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