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Beach Wedding Foot Jewelry at

A wedding is one of the most important days in a woman's life. Some women spend years planning every detail of their special day. The flowers, the dress, the decorations and the cake are all planned out months in advance to make sure everything goes smoothly and is perfect.
Foot Jewelry at
Destination weddings to a beach location are becoming more and more popular and for the bride who chooses to have a wedding on the beach, her dress and her shoes needs to be planned accordingly. Regular heels will not work but a bride can look to barefoot sandals, ankle bracelets, and / or a toe ring to dress up her feet and add a jewelry element to her feet.
Beach Wedding Foot Jewelry
Barefoot sandals come in different styles and they can be customized to look exactly the way a bride wants them to look. The basic layout of these sandals includes a toe ring that has a jeweled chain connected to an anklet.

There is no sole to this sandal which has people referring to these sandals as either footlets or foot thongs. These work beautifully for walking on the beach and walking through the sand. A bride can have the look of shoes but be able to put her feet in the sand for a more comfortable feel.

Barefoot sandals also work great for the reception following the ceremony. While these sandals do not have soles, they can be worn with another pair of sandals or flip flops. They transition nicely and the bride can then walk and all types of surfaces.

If she chooses to head back to the beach and the sand, she can slip off the flip flops quickly and be barefoot again. The barefoot sandals allow a woman to be comfortable through her entire wedding ceremony and following reception.

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